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What is the difference between the BHFD and the BHFA?

There are 77 firefighters that are employed with the Beverly Hills Fire Department (BHFD) all of which maintain membership to an organization called the Beverly Hills Firefighters' Association (BHFA). As dues paying members they receive representation by an elected Board of Directors for the purpose of advancing interests in wages, benefits and working conditions. In other words, the BHFA is the men and women that make up the department. The BHFA supports its community in ways that the BHFD cannot. Perhaps you have seen the hot dog booth that looks like a fire station at events like the Beverly Vista School Carnival and Opening Day for BH Little League. This booth was built by members of the BHFA and is entirely supported by BHFA volunteers. Many times off duty association members drive many miles and spend all day serving hot dogs as a service to the community. The BHFD and BHFA have many similarities as well. They both support other organizations within the City of Beverly Hills such as The Maple Center, Beverly Hills Education Foundation (BHEF), The Beverly Hills Police Officers Association and The Roxbury Senior Center. They work together on Fire Service Day by showcasing fire apparatus and equipment to the public. During the holiday season the BHFA purchases gifts for children admitted at UCLA and Cedar Sinai Medical Centers and on-duty firefighters deliver these gifts to the pediatric floors at each hospital. Most importantly both organizations have special interests in protecting the public by recruiting and training the best and brightest firefighters in the country. Simply put, the Beverly Hills Fire Department is the agency entrusted with emergency services in the city of Beverly Hills. The Beverly Hills Firefighters' Association is the men and women that make up the department.